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Email wizard

Our simple but intuitive email editor lets you build your email campaign with ease. You may use your own design or one of our templates. If you wish to use your own design, you simply upload your own PDF, Image, or HTML to be used as the body of your email. If you want to use one of our templates, you simply choose one of our easy to use email templates which allow single click and type editing to build your ideal email message.

Preview Mail Function

Our interface allows you to send as many preview emails as needed. This will allow you to view the email campaign in real time to help you determine exactly how the email campaign will display. This is a critical function that helps you ensure your sending quality emails.

Scheduled email delivery

We give you the liberty to choose exactly when you'd like your email campaign to go out. You can schedule it for as soon as the next day or months in advance; it's up to you! We recommend coming into your account a few days in advance to make sure the spot you want is available.

Forward To Friend

All email campaigns sent through our system will automatically include a forward to friend link which will allow recipients to forward your email. This feature helps increase exposure by allowing the recipients to share the email with their friends and colleagues.

We Double Check Your Campaigns

Our team reviews each and every campaign that is scheduled in our system. We use our experience to look for common email marketing mistakes, such as images that do not load or some alignment that appears to be out of order. If we see an obvious issue, we will email you to let you know so that it can be fixed before it goes out. Unfortunately we cannot catch every issue, but this process has helped many users avoid potentially embarrassing mistakes.

Campaign archives

We maintain a full archive of all of your campaigns that have been created in your account, as long as you haven't deleted them. This allows you to quickly and easily save a campaign for later use, copy a previous campaign, or view other information about one of your previous campaigns.

We Maintain Our Databases

Unlike some of the competitors, you are not responsible for having to manage the database. With our service, you simply use our own database which contains highly qualified recipients. We process all new subscriptions on a daily basis and we remove any unsubscribes or bounces to ensure your reaching the highest amount of quality recipients who truly want to receive your deals.

ISP Friendly

PropertyCampaign follows all bulk email delivery guidelines and standards to make sure that your email is 100% compliant with ISP guidelines, including whitelisting & fbl programs. This helps you to maximize your inbox delivery rate and increase the responses of your email campaigns.

Outstanding Customer Service

We understand how frustrating it is to need help but not have anyone to turn to. At PropertyCampaign, we take customer service very seriously. Our highly trained and courteous team is available to assist you via telephone or email. We are available via telephone between 9AM - 6PM EST should you need any assistance. We are also available 24/7 via email and typically respond to emails within 1 hour; usually even quicker than that.




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