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Question: What is PropertyCampaign?

Answer: PropertyCampaign supports the commercial brokerage and finance communities by allowing users to market to its database via electronic email campaigns for commercial real estate and loan programs. The company also promotes brand awareness.

Question: How can we save you considerably more money than the competition?

Answer:  PropertyCampaign eliminates the middleman altogether. We utilize our own database, servers, and graphic designers. This savings is passed on to our customers, unlike the competition.

Question: What type of emails can be sent on PropertyCampaign?

Answer: Wanted, for lease, for sale, or any product/service related to commercial property. 

Question: What is the cost for a PropertyCampaign?

Answer: The cost varies depending on the campaign selected. We currently offer a Statewide for $59, Nationwide for $159 and Worldwide for $199. 

Question: How many recipients receive your campaigns?

Answer: Each state varies depending on the number of subscribers. The nationwide campaign goes out to 180,000 investors within the public & private sector, owners, developers, tenants, and commercial real estate agents/brokers. The worldwide campaign goes out to 300,000 investors within the public & private sector, owners, developers, tenants, and commercial real estate agents/brokers. The worldwide campaign will consist of recipients in 49 different countries.

Question: What is the difference between statewide, nationwide, and worldwide?

Answer: Statewide email campaigns will be sent to recipients who have selected the particular state when they subscribe. Nationwide email campaigns will be sent out to our nationwide database which will consist of 180,000 recipients who want properties anywhere in the USA. With the nationwide service, you also get the state the property is located in so that you don't miss anyone. This means you'll get everyone who wants properties anywhere in the country and people who just want properties in the particular state. The nationwide package is the most used service. Worldwide campaigns are sent out to our worldwide database which consists of 300,000 recipients who want properties anywhere within the world; there are recipients from over 49 countries.

Question: What is the breakdown of recipients?

Answer: The database is 50% agents/brokers and 50% investors within the public & private sector, owners, developers, and tenants.

Question: Which package (statewide, nationwide, or worldwide) would you recommend?

Answer: We always recommend the nationwide package. It has the best exposure for the value and includes the state where your property is located. The statewide databases are much smaller audience and although are effective, can be extremely limited in their reach. The worldwide campaigns are typically only recommeneded if the property is located outside of the USA; you get a lot of overseas investors which are very effective for non-USA properties. The biggest draw back to the worldwide campaign is that you could potentially miss some USA recipients if you are trying to market a property within the USA.

Question: How long will it be before my PropertyCampaign is sent?

Answer: Your email campaign can be sent based on our queue availability and is first come first serve.

Question: Can I include links within the email campaign?

Answer: Yes, we recommend using embedded links directing recipients to either a listing website or Offering Memorandum.

Question: How often is the PropertyCampaign database updated?

Answer: Our database is maintained and updated on a daily basis to ensure validity.




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